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  • WHY?

    Our passion and purpose is to think differently, to change the status quo. Every day we striveto improve the profitability of our clients' golf courses.

    Every one of the 33,331 golf courses in the world is unique.

    It is our opinion that few golf courses reach their full potential from the absence of a disciplined approach in understanding the fundamentals that ensure success.


    We believe there are seven principles that define the potential of every golf course.

    Embracing those doctrines, we create for golf courses strategic business blueprints that are easy to understand and simple to execute.


    Extensive research, golf course and consumer surveys, and partnerships with clients mold the insights, perspectives, formulas and methods that are the genesis for our intellectualcreativeness.

    If you are an innovator who is willing to brainstorm what is possible...

    If you are an early adopter who likes to lead an industry by testing new paradigms...

    Or, if you are part of the early majority that seeks to benefit and leverage the successful efforts of others...

    Let's collaborate in partnership to bolster the net income at your golf course.

  • Golf Convergence
    WIN™ formula

    Steps Ensuring Your Vision Becomes Reality
  • Step 1: Strategic - Geographic Local Market Analysis

    What is the age, income, ethnicity and population within 10 miles of the golf course?
  • Step 2: Strategic - Impact of Weather

    The number of playable golf days in a year compared to a ten-year trend differentiates the impact of weather vs. management's performance.
  • Step 3: Tactical - Technology

    The barriers to the aggregation of data on which a business can be analyzed is dependent upon having an integrated technology solution, properly installed, and fully utilized by the staff is assessed.
  • Step 4: Tactical - Financial Analysis

    The facility's operational performance is contrasted to key industry metrics.
  • Step 5: Operational - Facilities Review

    A golf course is a living organism that is constantly changing. There are two constants: the equipment that is required to properly maintain a course and the replacement life cycle. Comparing the available equipment to industry standards and identifying deferred capital benchmarks provides valuable information.
  • Step 6: Operational - Management, Marketing, and Operational Review

    The entrance to the clubhouse, staffing, organizational structure, merchandising, food and beverage, accounting and budgeting procedures, information systems, advertising, marketing and public relations are evaluated and compared to the industry's best management practices.
  • Step 7: Operational - Customer Surveys

    Employing electronic survey tools, enlightening insights can be obtained regarding barriers toincreased play, motivating price points, and the course's brand image in the local market.
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    Golf Convergence: Ensuring Your Vision is Realized
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J. J. Keegan, Golf's Answer to Baseball's "Money ball" techniques, in a 30-minute phone conversation, will listen to your challenges, answer your questions, and provide a laser-like focus on your critical path for success to ensure that you vision becomes reality. The $175 consultation is guaranteed to provide the insights and perspective you seek.

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The Business of Golf: Why? How? What? authored by J. J. Keegan

Castle Pines, CO (November 6, 2013)  The Business of Golf – Why? How? What? guides a golf course management team to create a winning strategic vision, determine the resources  allocated and the policies and procedures to achieve consistent execution.  The concepts presented ensure the golf course achieves it financial potential.  To learn more Click here.

The book was developed by and for seasoned industry professionals to provide in depth perspectives, insights and operational tools.  The book is accompanied with 21 templates that are available for license on December 1, 2013 at www.golfconvergence.com to further simplify hurdling the hazards in the “business of golf.” 

The principles in these book are the foundation of Ed.D. Dissertation in which 11 leading golf course managers operating 34 golf courses vetted and validated the principals presented. Participants included Brooklyn Park, MN; City of Bloomington, IL; City of Charlotte, NC; City of Columbus, OH; City of San Antonio, TX: Crystal Mountain Resort; MI; Fernie Golf and Country Club, British Columbia; Oak Creek, CA; Pine Meadow Golf Course, IL; Thornberry Creek at Oneida, WI (Oneida Nation); Harry Mussatto Golf Course, IL (Western Illinois University)

Why? How? What? is a sequel to the award winning, The Business of Golf - What Are You Thinking? which functions as a primer for avid golfers, college students in Professional Golf Management Programs, and golf industry professionals seeking to refresh their knowledge on the fundamentals of the golf industry and operating a golf course.   It covers the basics.

The Business of Golf – What Are You Thinking? garnered widespread appeal, due to its singularity as a source that provides strategic, tactical, and operational guidance.  It has been purchased in over 16 countries and is used by 15 universities and colleges in their Professional Golf Management curriculums.

Each edition in the Business of Golf golf business book series are updated biennially with What Are You Thinking? scheduled for release of the third edition in Spring, 2014.

Both the book for graduate edition for seasoned professional, The Business of Golf – Why? How? What?, and the primer, The Business of Golf - What Are You Thinking?, represent over a decade of research conducted in partnership with golf courses worldwide.  The perspective contained therein have been developed in partnership with golf courses worldwide as the author traveled to 41 countries and observed the business practices of over 4,000 golf courses.


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The Business of Golf :
Why? How? What?

"A Field book for the Seasoned Professional"

Written for Seasoned Golf Industry Professionals$199.95

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Our strategic consulting practice is based on the philosophy of “listen, learn, help and lead.”

Like the game of golf, the business of golf requires many areas of expertise. At Golf Convergence, we help golf courses create a strategic vision, determine the tactical resources required and guide in the implementation of operational policies and procedures to ensure the investment return of a golf course is maximized. The Golf Convergence WINTM seven-step formula identifies the key action opportunities that every operator can easily implement to achieve impressive results, even in these challenging economic times.

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The Business of Golf :
What Are You Thinking?

Written for Golfers, Professional Golf Management Students and Golf Industry Personnel$199.95

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